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Wondering, needing reassurance, or to be guided, looking at the present, the future, Ce jeu est constitué de 57 cartes et d'un petit livret contenant des mots clés pour vous aider dans l'interprétation de vos tirages. Plus qu'un jeu, j'ai également souhaité réaliser un bel objet.

Des cartes vernies et dorées sur la tranche, un papier de qualité Mais tout cela coûte cher et voilà pourquoi je sollicite aujourd'hui votre aide pour qu' ensemble nous puissions donner vie à ce projet. This deck includes 57 cards and a booklet containing key words to help you interpret your spreads.

More than a game, I wanted to make a beautiful object. It will have varnished cards, with golden gilded edges, quality paper But all of this is expensive, and that's why I am asking for your help today, so that together we can give life to this project. Cela faisait plusieurs mois que j'avais envie de tester une toute nouvelle technique de création.

Tremper des feuilles dans un mélange de broux de noix une teinture pour bois et d'eau et m'inspirer des taches qui apparaitront pour réaliser des illustrations. Le but premier n'était pas de réaliser un oracle mais simplement d'expérimenter.

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Mais lorsque les premières feuilles tachées sont sorties de leur bain, les illustrations et les symboles se sont imposés à moi. J'ai fait mon hermite en m'excluant temporairement du monde avec mes crayons et en trois semaines de création frénétique les cartes étaient nées. For several months, I had wanted to try a new creative technique. I immersed sheets of paper in a mix of walnut stain and water and let the stains obtained inspire me to create illustrations.

The first goal was not to create an oracle but to experiment, but when the first sheets were drying, illustrations and symbols appeared to me. I put everything else aside and three frantic weeks with my pens resulted in this deck. Pour aller plus loin dans la découverte du jeu et des illustrations n'hésitez pas à visiter:. Aucune démarche n'est à effectuer de votre côté, l'argent engagé pour le projet ne sera pas débité. Nothing to do on your side, the money you pledged for the project will not be debited from your account.

Ciro Marchetti. Libro de bolsillo. EUR 17, Chakra Wisdom Tarot: EUR 21, Twin Tarot Oracle. EUR 23, Pre-Raphaelite Tarot.

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EUR 22, The Magic of Tarot: Liz Dean. Paolo Barbieri. EUR 13, The Antique Anatomy Tarot Kit: Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Cartas: Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento.

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Me ha encantado, es precioso, completo y super intuitivo. Muy contenta! After my huge disappointment in Doreen Virtue this deck has me feel once again happy. There are 22 Major Arcana cards from which represents main themes or spiritual lessons that play out in a persons life. There are also Minor Arcana Cards a total of 36 cards- these represents ones daily life regarding matters of the heart - emotions with it and what is currently happening.

I find it helpful in giving direction on how to resolve a situation and move forward. They are separated as followed: Physical which would be red border Pentacles Emotions which would be green border Cups Mental - Indigo border Swords Spirit - Violet border Wands On top of all this it also contains Chakra Cards which can help one know which chakra center needs to be worked.

Twin tarot oracle: J. Bethell, R. Hammond: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

Not only do I love the deck - but the book itself goes into information and useful tips to those who are novices or need a summary of how to prepare your deck - contains a variety of spreads AND also gives you information on how develop your psychic abilities - information on color interpretation - numerological meanings - symbols and images - the messages on the oracle decks are about one to two paragraphs - meaningful and to the point.

Embrace - keywords: Energies are moving - shifting - coming together to give you exactly what you need and want. Your efforts to clarify your heart's desires - to be present in current relationships and to actively manifest new relationships are now bearing fruit. In this moment - you are in a position to achieve all that you have dreamed of regarding matters of the heart. Your dreams are ready to manifest.

It is for all levels from novices to pros. I also uploaded pictures for you to look at and perhaps it can help you to feel if this deck is for you. These cards are beautiful.

The packaging is very nice, and the box is sturdy, so no need to find a bag to house your cards if you don't want to. The companion manual is very helpful, and the cards themselves are not very difficult to interpret. The first time I tried to bridge shuffle them, one of the cards bent in the middle. Now it has a permanent crease. The cardstock isn't very flexible, so take care when shuffling.

They're also a little bigger than standard tarot cards, but not that difficult to handle unless you have tiny hands. If you're looking to stimulate and strengthen your intuition, this deck could help. And just to show you how accurate this deck is, the first question I asked was "how will this card deck help me?

What is the Difference Between Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards!?

Because I enjoy this deck so much, I decided to buy it's predecessor, the Psychic tarot Oracle deck. The cardstock quality of that deck is so much better, and the gilded edging is very nice. For the first deck to be so well made, it's a shame that this one isn't at least just as good in quality.

Let the gold leaf dry. Delivery was fine and the designs of the cards themselves are great.